Hi Alex,

first of all, thanks for your response but I I have found your tone very aggressive.

Responding to your comment:

FOSUserBundle. Maybe is not the best solution for big projects but I think that it is perfect to projects in which you have to develop a fast authentication system with their corresponding templates and workflows. You are a coach of Symfony at SensioLabs so I think it is not necessary to remember the principle: “Do not reinvent the wheel”.

FOSRestBundle. Again it is your opinion. APIPlatform has a learning curve higher than this bundle so if you need to build a small API, what is the problem with this bundle? I think then you should go to the FosRestBundle repository and tell them to stop working and maintain it because what they do is worthless. Maybe that action is better instead of being aggressive in a Medium article.

Finally. JMSSerializer. I agree with you but I was trying to recopilate third party bundles.

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