5 habits to enjoy work

Enjoy every day at work: 5 key habits

Gerardo Fernández
4 min readFeb 3, 2023

The Internet is full of lists of tips to become gods of productivity — pomodoros, open windows in zen mode, GTD methodologies –, as if being the perfect machine immediately entails enjoying what we dedicate 8 hours to every day: the worked.

However, it is difficult for me to find sites where advice is proposed to turn this routine into a kind of hobby to enjoy while we dedicate ourselves to it.

Let’s go there.

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Learn to say “no” to overtime

All the more reason if they are not paid. A good friend of mine used to say:

Your lack of planning is not my emergency

And you will agree with me that he couldn’t be more right. As they say in English, “shit happens”, or what is the same, there will be catastrophes before which we will have to pitch in. No problem. From there to turning it into a habit is a long way.

Dedicating extra hours out of habit and imposition means completely giving up your personal life and that the days become a succession of images behind the window. Don’t be surprised if a bad mood sets in after a short time.



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